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Vulkanbet Casino – Esports, Casino, and Outstanding User Interface

The Vulkanbet Casino is a wonderful example of the gambling facility which can facilitate for its users a great amount of services and perform all of those ideally. You really can be surprised with the number of activities available for the users on the – as here you can:

  • play online casino games
  • make bets on sports
  • make bets and watch online esports games

That is the kind of casino which provides all of those who create an account with all kinds of options that are available in other casinos with a smooth and very advanced design which is both optimized for PC and mobile users.

There are many reasons to consider this outstanding place and we are going to disclose all of the in this review and we have to start from one of the most outstanding features of the online casino – its interface.

User Interface

There are not many other casinos in the industry that provide users with an opportunity of getting pleased from gambling on such a catchy website. As you can see on the screenshots from the lobby the style and the color theme chosen by the casino administration and all of that things realized together are looking just as wonderful as they can.

The website is loading very fast even if you have a low connection speed which is very important especially for the mobile users that are using 3G/4G connections to gamble in the casino – moreover the elements are so well optimized that the loading animations is also very catchy.

It has to be underlined that there is no mobile app available for download or installation on your Android or iOS device, and the only way you can gamble using your smartphone or tablet is via the browser with the last version of Flash Player installed.

Thus, all who likes to gamble in the good atmosphere and wants to feel a true gambling spirit should consider the Vulkanbet casino as an option. Here you also can find a very comfortable and user-friendly navigation features – in general, the casino is divided in three sections – the casino itself, the esports section and sports betting module.

There are also promotions sections for each of them and the separate user area where you can easily customize your account settings in a few clicks. There are also many other convenient and valuable features you will be able to assess after you create a login and enter your account from either PC or smartphone.

Actually, the way the casino differs from others also includes the usability of the website and the fact that it is very easy and comfortable to make any adjustments. For example, when you enter your personal user area it loads in a second and you see a pop-up window in which you can can get all the necessary info about your user area.

Let’s have a brief look on all of the elements of the Vulkan Casino user area. At first you can see that you have an avatar and a level here.

Your level reflects your activity status in the casino as here you can get more user points and promote your account to be able to apply for the better perks and benefits while you are playing – it all depends on your level which is increased on the basis of the activity you show either in casino games or betting.

The fair and very advanced loyalty program of the Vulkanbet casino is one of the best things I have ever seen in casinos from New Zealand to England and it has to be said that it will be described in details in the sections below – all you have to know for now is that you can always get an easy access to your activity status in the online casino once you want to do that.

You can see the lined below that are reflecting your financial status – no matter whether it is a deposit or withdrawal you are going to see the state of the affairs on this page and in these lines. This is a very valuable feature as in the most of the casinos there is not paid attention to these matters and thus you only can find out the moment of the withdrawal or depositing finished after it is completed without an opportunity to track the transaction status. Anyway, it is really good you have such an opportunity in one window.

You also can see a promo code section where you can enter a coupon code which you have redeemed in legal way and then use it for your good either to get a no deposit bonus, free spins or any other benefits that could be claimed by using the specified coupon.

As you also can see there is a responsible gambling section just in here and this is a really unique thing for the online casino. As usually the first place where you get acknowledge with the Responsible Gaming policy and options is the corresponding section on the website and most of the users even do not know they have such an option while in the casino Vulkanbet you have it just right in the user area and on the first page.

Here you can limit your deposit, losses and do many other things which we are going to disclose in the section below. Anyway, it is really uncommon for the online casino to place such a module on a first place and it really shows that on the placement of the responsible gambling policy is really done for reason not just because it has to be there.

At last, you can close your account in a single click using the specified button which is also available in the user area section. At the majority of the casinos in order to close the account you need to contact the administration via the live chat support and only then your account is going to be closed and there is a completely approach here.

You also can see other headings on this page that contain deposits, withdrawals and your bonuses.

Well, it is easy with deposits – here you can choose among the payment methods available, and when you head to the withdrawals the first thing you need to do is to undergo the KYC process which is all about providing your personal info to the casino. It is a standard procedure for all the legal casinos from Canada to Australis, so there is no need to be concerned about that as your personal data is protected by the facility with the 100% guarantee.

As you can see you do not need much data to undergo the verification process and after you do that you are going to have an easy and very fast withdrawal thorughout the time you use the service.

You also can see a Mu Bonuses section where you see all the promo codes and other benefits you are eligible for.

As you can see here are the several sections like bonus codes, free spins and promos which you can navigate through and it is very easy to figure out how to act here even for the novice gamblers.

As you can also see you have an Active Bonus section where you can see the bonuses you are using right now and claimable bonus codes where you can use welcome bonus if you are a newcomer and other types of bonuses when available.

Actually, we have told much about the user interface and user area and maybe now it is time to move to another valuable and very informative section – on how your gambling experience will start in the Vulkanbet casino.

Getting Started at Vulkanbet

Once you have enter the casino page you are up to get on the landing page which contains not so much information about how wonderful your staying here is going to be and that is the reason why you need to create an account as fast as possible.

This can be done in less than one minute – there is only one thing you really need to consider – mobile phone number confirmation  – there is no way you can sign up to the casino without doing that so get prepared with your phone. The SMS usually comes very quickly – it took only 15 seconds from me to verify my phone number.

Anyway, once you do that you will instantly be offered to install an app on your PC and to get subscribed to the news and promotions of the website.

When you register an account or even before that you will see a pop-up window with a proposition to install an app – this app is actually an extension which will be placed on your desktop and can be used for an instant access in a single click to the casino. You can choose that easily – it is even better than just navigating the website via the browser as it is more optimized for the usage.

You also will get offered to subscribe to the promo codes and other events that are held in the casino Vulkanbet – if you accept an offer you will get desktop notification about the new bonus codes you are eligible for and get a fresh info on the events and special occasions happening in the casino so it is very recommended to allow the website to show you notification if you do not want to miss the chances the casino’s campaign are providing you with.

Moreover, it is a universal advise – always subscribe on notifications or newsletters as all the casinos launch campaigns and create new bonus codes to attract new players to create an account or motivate old players to play more or show something new – like a kind of activity – so that is always a good idea.

If you do that you will always be able to know first about the no deposit bonuses, free spins or other kinds of benefits like free games you are able to apply for, and that will increase your gambling experience several times no matter what, so just stay tuned on.

Customer Care Service

With such a user-friendly website it would be strange if the Vulkanbet casino wouldn’t have an outstanding customer care support and it really has so you can count for it 24/7. The support service is realized via the live chat which is available right next to your account user area button and you can easily contact via the widget which is opened in the bottom right part of the screen.

Here you can choose the topic which  you want to discuss with the support service and afterwards you will get an immediate help from the live chat agent – at the second you choose the section you will get offered a help, so it is a very good feature realized with the best 2021 practices.

In case you were dissatisfied by the help provided by the live chat or if you want to get an answer on more sophisticated matter and the live chat wasn’t helpful you always can find a complaints section on the bottom of the page.

Using the form which is opened when you press the Complaints button you can describe your issue in details and wait for the answer in your inbox – either email and the website message box.

It won’t take long time for the casino Vulkanbet support to answer your complaint. Moreover, this module can be used not only to describe your problems but also to make suggestions on the services you already use or the services you want to have get an access to in future on the website.

Anyway, it has to be said that the customer service on the website is organized properly and there are low chances you won’t get your issue solved if you use the live chat or complaint section of the website, so this is where you can be sure about the quality of user-experience you are going to get.

Moreover, you can place your disputes and publish them on the worldwide known websites and the whole world will see if there are issues with the Vulkanbet casino. Fairly talking, there are not many casinos that provide users with such an option on their websites, which is all about the fact that this casino is really trying to be transparent and as user-friendly as possible.

If we would make a rating of the casinos based on the client-orientation and providing the feedback for users the Vulkanbet Casino would surely be somewhere in the top of the list for all the features and modules it has provided.

And now after we have talked about the user-experience from connecting the support service the gamblers will have here it has to be provided some information on the user-experience from participating in the events and redeeming bonus codes in the casino, so that is the matter we are going to disclose in details in the next section of our review.


The bonus codes have always been a matter concern for gamblers all over the world both in 2021 or previously as this is something that helps to improve your winning chances and provide you with the benefits and advantages you hardly can see in other online casino. Well, if we talk about the Vulkanbet casino in these terms it is going to be figured out that the casino administration has totally managed to provide users with the best bonus codes and benefits along with the customer service.

Welcome Bonus for New Players


The first thing you are going to deal with is a welcome bonus that is eligible for new players that have just created an account in the online casino Vulkanbet. Actually, there is nothing uncommon with the fact that the casino has launched a welcome offer  – all the casinos do that now and frankly there are some casinos with even more generous welcome bonus codes than the one offered by the

As you can see from the informative table above the bonus code for the new players is more than generous as using it you can redeem as much as 600 Euros just for being a new player. Of course, this is a deposit bonus code – which means that you need to make a deposit in order to get bonus funds on your account. there are also no deposit bonus codes which allow you to get a couple of bucks just after the registration, but that is not something that is offered here at the start.

As you can see you can get the bonus funds by this promo code right after the registration and for the first three deposin that have to be no less than 20/20/50 per each deposit correspondingly. This is a rather generous offer as at the majority of the online casinos all you can get is not more than $100 on your first deposit and that’s all – not the best offer actually.

Combined with all those perks and benefits you get when you get along with the Vulkanbet casino – the welcome pack looks rather generous if you also consider the fact the wager is rather moderate. Actually in the majority of the casinos you can see the wager that makes less coefficient like 25 or 30, however, that is usually applied both to the deposit and the deposit bonus you got and here you only need to wager the bonus funds you got credited on your account. A great offer.

Welcome Pack for Esport Enthusiasts

You also can see another welcome pack here that was designed specially for those who are fond of esports and here you can see as generous offer as for those who play the casino games as the Vulkanbet is really good place for those who are fond of CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends and other cyber sports disciplines.

As you can see here you can get as much as 100 free Euros that you can use in future to have free games and free bets using which you can win real money. However, there are limitations and requirement which you need to comply here. At first, the deposit amount shouldn’t be less than 20 Euros, otherwise you are not eligible to get the bonus code used. At the second, you cannot get more than 100 Euros on your account no matter how huge is the first deposit you have made.

You also should know that there are limits to the awards – you cannot win more than 1000 Euros if you have got 100 euros bonus funds on your account – that is sad but true and the only goal of this measure is to avoid misuse of the generous offers made by the online casino.

At last, you need to make sure that the outcome odds you are betting on are  more than 1.75 in order to be able to use the bonus funds and withdraw the money you win and there is also a wager requirement which makes 20 – it is much less than for the deposit bonuses that you get for the online casino games.

I actually did not find any no deposit bonuses for the esports gamers, however, the offers that already in use are still really generous to make the Vulkanbet casino worth considering.

Loyalty Program

Unlike the majority of other casinos that provide the promo codes and bonuses on the time to time basis- here on the website you can get something more – you can climb a ladder which will lead you to the better terms of gambling and better advantages which you can apply for on a permanent basis just for being an active player.

That is all you get when you participate in the loyalty program launched by the online casino Vulkanbet, and below we are going to describe it in details. It also has to be said that unlike other casinos the Vulkanbet did not overload the loyalty program with the kind of useless bonuses and advantages, and has made a very clear table of the benefits you are getting for showing better user activity.

In this table you can see the name of the status, the number of points you need to reach the status and the cashback exchange rate which is provided for those who gamble here and which depends on the status. That is how that works – at the moment you have just registered in the casino you can exchange 500 points on 1 Euros – that is real money you can get for the use rpoints – virtual currency set up by the online casino and that is very good reason to participate in that program as at the top level which is VIP Diamond the exchange rate is going to be 10 times better and make 50 points for 1 Euro.

That is an outstanding proposition which is rather hard but possible to reach with all those giving slots in the casino. The points are gained on the basis of the bets amount you make – for example,  each 2 euros you have played in the video slots give you 1 point and as a matter of the fact you can see that you are up to get as much 0.1% of guaranteed cash back at the beginning of your path and you can get as much as 2% of cashback in the end – that is totally worthy.

While you are climbing up the hill the terms are going to be better and better until you reach the highest status, and during the way you are going to make here there will be a great amount of promotions and special offers that will make it easier for you to move this way forward to the great cash back.


There are many things o say more about the Vulkanbet casino – however, that is enough said already for all the gamblers to understand that this online gambling facility is really worth of trying out – there are either good design and usability and promotions.

Even if you forget about that, consider that you won’t find a big amount casinos with such a furnished performance that also provide you with an opportunity to have such a choice of activities starting with gambling and ending with esports. Thus, just create an account there and enjoy all the benefits of the service on your own.

Review by Eric L. Sams