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7Reels Casino – Make This Place Brighter By Winning the Hugest Jackpot

You can understand the secret of the popularity of slot machine simulators and online casinos without speculation and supposition. Although this is only an illusion of playing slot machines, and although they are very similar to real machines, machines give only virtual sensations from the game.

All games on a computer or set-top box immerse a person in a certain environment where the person is in another world, that is, simply in virtual reality. Progress has reached such a level that now everyone, without getting up from a sofa or chair, can freely become the captain of distant swimming, a little animal that picks berries, a zombie devouring people or a machine that drives at all speeds trying to win the race for a big prize. And in the case of online casinos, we simply find ourselves in a luxuriously decorated Las Vegas room, where hundreds of people are making noise, the winners are joyfully exclaiming, somewhere you can hear the sound of coins from the slot machines and the sound of the chips of the gaming hall.

All the same, it is worth continuing the topic of the pros and advantages of online gaming portals in front of real gaming rooms. Live casinos are a good idea, but it’s impossible to concentrate there because opponents constantly shout and confuse, they do not allow you to focus on strategies, but no one feels safe, because there is no guarantee that they won’t just steal your money. But there is a plus in real slot machines in front of online slots, real machines will help you survive in the zombie apocalypse. If you are wondering how this will help you, then you are on the right track, you can just automatically lock the door and the zombies will not come into your home.

Advantages of online casinos as a separate art; volumes and even hours of discussion can be devoted to it. But we will focus on the most basic advantages.

Availability or mobility. To play a game or to get acquainted with the good old slot, you need to leave your house, choose a casino or even go to the capital of poker and gambling Las Vegas. It’s very expensive. For an online casino to join live opponents in a live casino or to choose any game out of thousands of possible, you just need to have the Internet, a phone, a computer, a laptop or a tablet and a desire to win. You can taste the live dealers in the famous Seven reels casino.

The second, but not the last plus of online casinos is that the percentage of money that is back to users is more than 80%, while in real casinos there is less than 70. This means that the probability of winning in online casinos is much higher than in ordinary ones.

Online casino can boast of having a lot of good old slots. Most people know that even if it is the 21st century, people are interested in old slots with three reels no less than bright and popular video slots. Now, slot machines have a pretty attractive look. A lot of people worked on the design and decoration of casinos and slots for more than one day. The best professionals, developers, and designers created this game portal together. Experience and skills have greatly helped in this difficult task. But the output was a very cool product, which continues to gain popularity among players from around the world.

The front end of a casino

It’s no secret that green color is soothing. But no one knows where such a concept came from. Psychologists note that the positive effect of this color on the human body lies in a very simple association. We are humans and green is associated with nature, something alive, fresh and free. The green background not only makes the work environment more relaxed and fun but also this color can be a great addition to the wallpaper or the main color like in 7 Reels Casino.

We already know that this color not only calms but also makes the atmosphere more pleasant and more prosperous. Now the secret of is revealed. The completely green design of this game service is aimed at user comfort, but also peace. Indeed, people are very often nervous in the casino, worried and can not concentrate. Another positive aspect of online gaming casinos is that in a real land-based casino there is only a table in green color on which are playing board games. And at 7 Reels Casino, the entire site is decorated in green, even the fonts and categories of games are made in the same color.

The absence of annoying advertisements, vivid screensavers, and unnecessary information in the header of the casino shows the gaming club only from the best side. After all, nobody wants to play in a tense atmosphere, when some kind of advertising signs flash before his eyes.

On the casino’s main page there are several slides with an invitation to play various games. In addition to advertising slots and games, you can see a nice welcome bonus here. Each registered user will receive the biggest bonus that can be obtained on the Internet and casinos.

There is a line with winners on the main page. Each user can see the name of the winner, the game he is playing, and how much he won.

The page is opened by the top games, these are all the best and most popular games that are now played by thousands of users around the world.

You can also see such genres of games like slots, live casinos, classic slots, table games, and video poker.

Under all games, there are listed several categories from the creators.

The casino says that users will earn points for every 1 dollar wager, which can then be exchanged for rewards, namely promo codes, bonus code, and also an ability to play free games.

The second category says that all payments are safe in this casino. You can easily withdraw money and put on a deposit without delay, absolutely safe and reliable.

The most interesting part in the whole casino is bonuses, and the casino cannot but please users with constant promotions, advantageous offers, bonuses. To check what bonuses and promotions are available today, you need to click on the View Promos button.

The site has a clear structure and a simple menu, which is located on the left of the main page. It includes a home page that will return the user from any page to the main page.

Slots, this is the section of the casino where are located all the good old three-reel slots for every taste and color.

The live casino requires a separate article because this genre cannot be described in three words. Online casinos gained great popularity at the moment when land-based casinos were closed for political and religious reasons. Live casinos were not popular at that time and few people knew about the existence of such entertainment. A live casino brings the user as close as possible to a real casino, even though a person is hundreds of thousands of kilometers from a real one. This genre of the game is good because it immerses the player in the game process and creates a real atmosphere of the gaming hall. Everything is the same as in reality, a hall with a roulette wheel and many poker tables where live croupiers work, give out cards, roll dice and perform a number of dealer duties. If you still did not know how live casinos work, then you will be interested to know. Each croupier is in a separate video studio, the game is shot using video cameras. It is important to say that, unlike dealers, no one sees the player, he can only speak into the microphone or chat with opponents.

Board games are the foundation of any casino. This category is even more popular than modern video games. Board games are not only card games, but also roulette. This game is the most recognized casino symbol. Roulette is not only the simplest game, but it is also a luxury, excitement and simple rules. The keno board game is no less popular than roulette and is one of the oldest in the world. Scientists say that this game was played more than 3,000 years ago. And the tradition of ancient people tells about raising money for the construction of the well-known Great Wall of China with the help of the lottery, which is the forerunner of keno. You can talk about board games for a long time, but what good is it if they are already the most popular games in the whole world., Especially since they have such big roots.

In addition to the various genres of casino games, there are also several sections of the menu, which are no less important. There is a section called responsible gaming, it tells that each player must abide by the rules, and if some user has become addicted to games, then they can temporarily or permanently block your account. You can also turn to specialists for help if you understand that you can’t do it yourself.

Each casino has such a section on the site as articles, here it is called community. The name does not change the essence, so there you can find various articles on the topic of promotions and bonuses, information on how to join the VIP club and many more interesting articles.

To find out what payment systems exist, you need to go to the deposit section and find out how much money you can deposit. The withdrawal section will tell you all about how to withdraw money, how long it will take, and about the security of your data.

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions in the FAQ section. And also there you can find a button for communication with the support operator.

Super Customer Support

Each person may have a problem or an incomprehensible question and it is very good if there is a person nearby who can help resolve these issues and situations.

Therefore, every self-respecting casino should have a first-class customer support service.

7Reels Casino does not graze behind and does not stand aloof from modern trends and has professionals in their field who are versed in casinos and user support better than anyone. As mentioned earlier, the casino brought together the best experts in their field to create a first-class gaming portal. 7Reels Casino is not only reliability, availability and safety, but also a guarantee of quality, the best employees and top-class support.

If you have any questions regarding the casino, incomprehensible situations, the user should write to the support service. Only the best and friendliest support managers work here. You can contact them by writing in a live chat because the answer will be instant; make a phone call if it’s more convenient or writes an email, but keep in mind that in this case, the answer will come within a few hours.

Mobile version is necessary today

Many people know that online casinos began their activity relatively long ago and in 2021 are still in demand and are gaining popularity. In the world, there are many operators of gaming platforms and everyone is trying to promote their product higher in the ranking of analogs. But there are also unique ones on the market that provide users with the opportunity to play not only from home but also standing in a traffic jam, in line, in nature and at a grandmother in the village. Such opportunities have become a reality with the advent of mobile versions.

In addition to advertising various slots, popular video games and other exciting slots, casinos try to develop applications that will be suitable for mobile phones. The task is easy on the one hand and difficult on the other.

Since the world is developing very quickly and trends are replacing each other, there is one chip that remains popular constantly. Developers of various game portals make applications and sell them to their users for money, thereby profiting from poor players. To avoid such situations, we advise you to play only on trusted sites.

7 Reels Casino is one of the casinos trusted by hundreds of thousands of users around the world. The casino has developed a free mobile version (not a mobile app) that does not need to be downloaded. This is a flash version, which is available for all operating systems and is suitable for any device like a tablet or mobile phone. Now you do not need to go to the store and download the mobile app, because you have a modern version, which is much better than the downloaded one. You can play instant play on the mobile site.

How to withdraw and deposit

The gambling institution accepts not only dollars but also euros, pounds sterling, and some other currencies. Thus, the casino takes care of users from other countries whose main currency is not the dollar, thereby expanding the circle of its users and increasing the audience.

You can deposit money in one of the available ways, Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, and many others. Also, the choice is very large, which pleases users. To withdraw the money won, you need to choose one of the methods available for withdrawing. There are not many, but not a few, each user will be able to find for himself exactly the payment system that is convenient for him.

To play in a popular casino, you need to have not so much money, the casino is very loyal to its players and is always happy to meet, therefore the minimum deposit is 20 dollars, pounds sterling, euros or any other convenient currency for the user.

If you are a beginner and have won your first money and you are no longer able to withdraw it, then this can be done if you have at least $ 50 in your account, less is not available. The maximum amount that can be withdrawn to your account depends on the status of the player in the loyalty program. But the amount varies from one thousand dollars to thirty-five.

But still, we advise you to carefully study all the points and sections on the official website to prevent a single mistake when depositing or withdrawing funds.

Pleasant Goodies

The bonus system that operates in the casino is distinguished by its generosity and accessibility and impresses with a variety of promotions, bonuses, and advantageous offers.

New users can claim bonuses that are accrued on their first deposits. Next, we will take a closer look at welcome bonuses for beginners.

Unlike other casinos, this gaming portal has divided bonuses into several parts. That is, each registered player will receive as many as five bonuses in the account.

After you have checked the availability of money and made your first deposit at this casino, you will be provided with a 200% bonus and 30 free spins. When depositing money on a second deposit, you will be presented with a 100% no deposit bonus and 30 free spins. The third deposit is not very different from the first and second and will bring you a 100% no deposit bonus and 30 free spins for various games. The fourth deposit, like the third, will bring a 100% no deposit bonus and 30 free spins, respectively. And when you put money on your fifth deposit you will get 175% and 30 free spins. The casino warns that free spins can be converted into cash and amount to 200 euros. Each player will receive free 25 free spins, which should please every new user.

To get all the casino buns you need to register and you will immediately receive all the bonuses that can be checked on your account.

The casino has a lot of promotions, bonuses, promo codes, bonus code and promotions that exist for regular customers. You can get acquainted with all the promotions in the corresponding category on the official website.

Our review and thoughts

Our findings are the most positive because the casino surprised us with its design, high-quality software and loyalty.

The design is very harmoniously done in green tones, which reassures players if they had an intense game. The menu structure is simple and not intricate, anyone will understand.

The casino’s availability is quite wide because residents of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, and even Great Britain can freely play any games without any locks and bans.

The casino has promo codes, bonus code, free spins, and free games, but the only thing that is not in this exciting casino is coupon codes. But this does not matter, because the game portal contains a number of other equally cool advantages, so such a trifle as a coupon code is not a necessity.

To get even more bonuses and promos do not forget to login every time you go to the casino.

Review by Eric L. Sams